Your assistance in making salt available has allowed us to breath easier. Due to extreme winter weather, our normal salt supply company was unable to meet our demands. Ottawa Hills’ citizens have a very high expectation regarding ice and snow removal. With Green Sweep’s assistance, we are confident that we will be able to meet those expectations.

Marc Thompson, Village Manager / Village of Ottawa Hils

Just a note of thanks. Without exception, each and every time it has snowed, the public walk on Secor Rd. has been cleared of snow and ice. And while not required, the fire plugs have also been dug clear.

David Axilrod / City of Toledo

A note of appreciation for the excellent job of snow removal during the “mini-blizzard” of March. You came to our rescue and did an outstanding job of getting us dug out from underneath the storm. Everything you said, you did.

Timothy C. Harter, Project Manager / Unibar Maintenance Services at Norplas Industries

Green Sweep has been on call to the Ohio Turnpike Commission to assist snow and ice removal in extremely bad weather. I would not hesitate to recommend Green Sweep for any job.

Samuel J. Kaiser, Western Division Superintendent / Ohio Turnpike Commission

I can not begin to express my gratitude and applaud Green Sweep’s extraordinary efforts at our five area cinema lots. Green Sweep went above and beyond the call of duty battling rain, sleet and snow, assuring the safety of our patrons and staff. Given the magnitude of this storm (10+ inches of total accumulation), the level of quality service was exemplary.

James L. Belcher, District Manger / National Amusements, Inc.

Thank you for the assistance you gave Swancreek Township when it was difficult to obtain salt for ice control. Due to the harsh winter season and lack of salt, your assistance was of great value to our residents and those who need to travel our highways.

Richarch W. Stout, Phil Wiland, Trustees / Swancreek Township